Gateway Controls has extensive experience providing and installing security and safety products and solutions within industrial and military facilities. Our expertise includes designing and installing Class I Div II rated camera systems for process control and safety applications, crash rated barricade gate systems such as retractable bollards and plate barricades, perimeter facility video and access control systems, automated vehicular gate systems and single lane pedestrian turnstiles. We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance programs for all the equipment that we install ensuring years of reliable service.

Safety is our priority for any project and work scope. Working in the construction industry in general, particularly at industrial facilities, requires the utmost attention to detail to provide a safe and productive work environment. We maintain a comprehensive safety program that includes frequent and thoughtful safety meetings, regular employee input, detailed JSA’s, and employee safety training through RSO and OSCA. Our level of commitment to safety reflects our level of commitment to customers, ourselves, and our fellow tradespeople.

Gateway is a member of ISNetworld – please contact us for more information.